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About the program

Q. Who can trade in?

A: Anyone that's ready to trade up to an amazing new Samsung device and trade-in an eligible used mobile device.

Q. Why trust this trade-in program?

A: Clover Wireless has more than 20-years of experience valuing used electronic equipment. We'll provide the maximum trade-in value for your used mobile device and if not a good usable device then we will ensure it is recycled responsibly through an R2 and eSteward registered end of life recycler.

Q. What will it take to get paid?

A: Use the site to create your estimate and register your trade with us. Upon completion, instructions for packaging and mailing the device will be sent to your email address. Print the pre-paid shipping label and mail in your device. Once Clover Wireless verifies the item you're trading in matches your estimate and can validate your purchase of a new Samsung device, you will be issued the verified value.

Q. What happens with my smartdevice once I mail it in?

A: Clover Wireless reconditions for resale or recycles all the mobile devices we receive during this program. Clover Wireless employs a zero tolerance landfill policy

Q. Could my device be resold overseas?

A: Yes, frequently overseas markets have a greater demand for previously owned consumer electronics. We remarket only fully functional products to legitimate businesses overseas.

Q. Do you ever donate items?

A: Yes, on occasion Clover Wireless donates products, but not to individuals. Some working products with a lower resale value are occasionally routed through our corporate relationships to needs based services like shelters, senior citizens homes, and schools.

Q. Are you a certified recycler?

A: Yes, Clover Wireless is certified, audited and registered ISO 14001 reseller and recycler and we work with a dedicated end-of-life service partner who is both BAN and RIOS certified and exceeds all government regulations.

About Trade-in Values

Q. How is the trade-in value determined?

A: Trade-in value is determined by the current resale market of the device being traded in; specific make, model and condition are also used. We analyze markets constantly to ensure you get a fair trade-in value. What's your device worth? Find out!

Q. Do the trade-in values ever change?

A: Yes. Clover Wireless periodically, reviews the current trade-in value table and updates the value calculator based on market conditions. However, once you have you have received your estimate we will hold the estimated value for 30-days.

Q. Will my trade-in estimate ever change?

A: The estimated value is only valid for 30-days. As long as we receive your used device within 30-days of your initial estimate, and it is in the condition you reported, your quoted value will remain the same. After the 30-day period has expired, the quoted estimate is subject to change upon final verification.

About Acceptable Products

Q. What products will you accept?

A: A list of qualifying devices is available once you start your trade-in estimate. Start now.

Q. What if my device isn't listed?

A: If your device is not listed then, unfortunately, it isn't eligible for this program. However, it can still be recycled for free by selecting the option Don't Know/Other from the drop down menu(s).

Q. What if the condition of my device is different from what I represented?

A: If the device condition differs materially from that which you described, we reserve the right to recalculate the value using the same condition parameters originally available to you. You are under no obligation to accept the recalculated estimate and no trade is final until the device has been mailed.

Q. Does a damaged product qualify for a trade-in?

A: Some products may contain physical or functional defects and still qualify for a trade-in value. However, in order to receive the maximum available trade-in value, your device should be in current working order.

Q. What about my accessories ? do you recycle them too?

A: When you recycle a product through us you can send in the accessories as well, however unless specifically asked for during the product evaluation, this is not required. Accessories include things like power cords, chargers, batteries, connector cables, holders, sleeves, and protectors.

Q. Can I trade in more than one item?

A: Absolutely. Each item is valued individually, and assigned a unique tracking number to ensure traceability all the way through to resale or recycling. You will receive a separate check for multiple trade-ins.

Q. What about all the data I have on my device or tablet?

A: We encourage you to clear any personal data from your device before shipping the device in to us. All products are subject to a certified data removal process upon receipt.

For devices and other devices with built-in memory, all numbers, contacts, data files and other information are completely erased. And the device is restored to its original settings. Any SIM cards received will be removed and destroyed.

For devices with a separate hard drive, all hard drives are erased and completely rewritten, erased and rewritten again, then erased one final time so that data retrieval is virtually impossible. For products going to recycling, the hard drives are removed and held in a lock box until they are able to be smelted.

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